Oriole players get their visit inside Fenway’s left-field scoreboard

BOSTON—One of the rites of passage for young players is a visit inside the left-field scoreboard at Fenway Park. As they prepare to walk in the door to the hand-operated scoreboard, they’re handed a Sharpie to sign their names inside.

There’s not much headroom or much room at all. On Tuesday, pitchers DL Hall and Jake Reed, infielder Gunnar Henderson and outfielder Kyle Stowers took their turn along with first base coach Anthony Sanders.

Oriole broadcasters Geoff Arnold, Kevin Brown and Brett Hollander, three reporters who cover the Orioles and team public relations officials were also invited.

There’s so much lore about the scoreboard. Perhaps the most famous story is when an NBC camera operator had to keep moving his position during Game 6 of the 1975 World Series because he was escaping rats. He finally found a safe spot and stuck out his camera in time to capture Carlton Fisk waving his home run ball fair.

“It was pretty cool to go in there and see all the players that have come through there, seeing all the names and stuff,” Henderson said. “All the history that comes with this is really awesome and special.”

Henderson said there was some strategy in finding a place to sign his name.


“We tried to find the area with the least amount of signatures to make it a little more personal to us and it was pretty cool to be able to…

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