OKC Thunder week 11 power rankings reflect on historic Giddey


The New Year has arrived and many teams are hoping 2022 will result in the exit of this nasty pandemic and bring about a gush of continual positives. The OKC Thunder also begin a New Year with resolutions in place.

That’s true in our day-to-day lives and it’s also true for our favorite sports teams. Virtually everyone of the 30 clubs have been bitten by omicron. The resulting effect has meant watching games some nights not knowing several of their players.

OKC Thunder slips in week 11 power rankings as omicron hits the squad

As the the OKC Thunder turn a page to enter 2022 the team will continue to develop their youthful talent and at some point presumably Sam Presti will trade away part of the depth so the team can stay closer to the basement than the play-in.

Alternatively (and I wouldn’t hold your breathe) the VP could elect to take a shot at the play-in risk missing out on what is anticipated to be another rich class (particularly at the very top) in order to get Josh Giddy and the Thunder rookies some playoff experience.

As for the power rankings it was an up and down week for the Thunder as omicron finally caught up to them and they produced a single win in four tries (Knicks).

With that, let’s take a gander at where the national writers ranked the OKC Thunder in week 11 of…

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