OKC Thunder: season opener looms, memories of 18 months ago linger

A month from today the OKC Thunder will play their season opener in Utah versus the Jazz. It’s an exciting time as the league gets back to its typical calendar after the coronavirus pandemic adversely impacted the past two seasons.  In fact, it was the postponement of the Thunder and Jazz match that will forever be remembered as the night sports shut down.

Most of us recall the night of March 11th like it was yesterday. For many, that night is the one we

associate with the actual day COVID hit North America.  Although the virus had been circulating for months that date is synonymous with the end of everyday life as most of us knew it.

None of us will ever forget the flurry of activity on the then Cheasapeake court. It started with Thunder executive Donnie Strack approaching the officials.  Chris Paul and Joe Ingles are at the scorer’s table talking and it’s clear CP3 mouths “where’s Rudy?”  Shortly after the PA announcer tells fans the game is canceled due to unforeseen circumstances.

OKC Thunder season opener looms as memories of 18 months ago linger

A little over 18 months later we’re still adapting to a new reality but life is inching closer to where we were in a pre-pandemic world.

With the return of the NBA and fans back in arenas, we’re reminded of how sports pulls us together.  Supporting a team unites fans both in their…

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