OKC Thunder: Sam Presti is still gunning for top pick in NBA Draft

With three sleeps remaining until the 2021 NBA Draft things are really beginning to heat up. Sam Presti is probably connected to an I.V. red bull drip as the OKC Thunder magician continues to strategize, prioritize and try to pull out every stop to move up in the draft order.

Although Intentions has theorized the Thunder VP would be actively seeking to trade up we’ve had no definitive proof. Rather it’s been more conjecture, albeit from top industry analysts.

Presti is notoriously tighter than Fort Knox when it comes to retaining internal information. That led to TI jumping on every leak, whisper, and rumor with a view for any shred of realism.

It’s not like the bespeckled genius hasn’t served up prior draft night deals or surprising trades seemingly coming out of left field (um — James Harden outbound or Paul George inbound — and then outbound).

This is the same man who immediately redefined what it meant to commit to a rebuild amassing 38 potential draft picks over the next seven seasons. When the team proved too competitive veterans Al Horford and Mike Muscala were shut down and the young core was afforded ample recovery time for injuries.

Tanking was embraced and the franchise pulled out every lucky charm hoping those bingo balls would fall one and five (Rockets) on June 22nd.

When that process fell short of optimistic expectations every writer who has covered the Thunder or fan…

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