OKC Thunder: NBA Draft lottery results continue to be thorn in Presti’s side

As the OKC Thunder ramp up their final preparations for the NBA Draft this coming Thursday the lottery that took place on June 22nd continues to be a thorn in Sam Presti’s side.

After a season of tanking the bespeckled mastermind watched his hopes to bring Cade Cunningham to the OKC Thunder dashed by a bingo ball. The hits kept on coming as the club didn’t net any of the top four picks each paired with what analysts are projecting to be generational talents.

NBA Draft lottery results continue to burn OKC Thunder

Presti has more draft capital than entire conferences but the teams in those coveted top four spots have all the power. Despite holding six picks this year and a potential 38 over the next seven seasons current assets and draft position hold are taking precedence.

That fact has the VP in a position where he’ll need to put more on the table if he wants to counter competitor’s offers and even then might not be deemed as valuable.

This weekend rumors surfaced that the top two teams on the board may swap picks. Specifically, that the Detroit Pistons would drop to second and the Houston Rockets would move up to the first slot.

If this transaction occurs, Houston would make the top pick and land Cade Cunningham. Considering the Thunder owned the Rockets’ pick until that darn bingo ball bounced into a top-four slot makes this news…

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