Oilers’ potential long-term deal with Zach Hyman not pretty, but necessary

EDMONTON — We hear it constantly here in Edmonton. And so does Ken Holland.

“The Edmonton Oilers can’t waste any more years of Connor McDavid’s career than they have already.”

“The Edmonton Oilers should be all in at every opportunity, before McDavid asks out.”

On any given day here in Edmonton, you can almost look skyward and see some version of those words trailing behind small aircraft, flying overtop of the Oilers corporate offices. It’s graffitied on bridges, tattooed on bikers’ forearms.

It is the provincial anthem here in Northern Alberta, and to a lesser extent, a common refrain across the hockey world.

Today, as the Oilers get ready to offer maximum term to left winger Zach Hyman, you should remember those words before you go online and carve up general manager Ken Holland for signing a 29-year-old to a seven- or eight-year deal.

Hyman spent the day in Edmonton with his wife Alannah on Wednesday, checking out a city that may become home to them and son Theo — who is not yet a year old — should Hyman decide to become McDavid’s left-winger for the rest of his hockey life.

So, what are you going to hate about this deal? The term, that’s what.

In an effort to keep the Annual Average Value as low as possible, Holland is planning to offer Hyman maximum term. That move defines trying to win a Stanley Cup in the nearer future,…

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