OILERS NOTES: Plenty of blame to go around, but no finger pointing

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It really has been just about everything that’s slipped for the Oilers recently

Edmonton Oilers Warren Foegele speaks to the media after an optional practice on Friday, Jan. 21, 2022 . Photo by Gre Southam /Postmedia Article content

When the entire house is on fire, it’s usually hard to tell whose feet are the hottest.


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In the case of the four-alarm blaze that the Edmonton Oilers can’t seem to get their hoses on, the head coach and goalie are feeling more heat than anyone, give or take the general manager.

In a situation like this, there are only so many buttons management can push and one of them is the coach, so there is legitimate concern among his players that Dave Tippett’s future might be hanging in the balance Saturday.

As for goaltender Mikko Koskinen, he’s been blamed more than anyone for this 2-11-2 rut.

“It’s unfair, to be honest,” said winger Warren Foegele. “You can’t be pointing fingers and saying, ‘It’s this guy’s fault or that guy’s fault.’ It doesn’t work like that; that’s not how you win.

“It’s unfair to blame one guy. All six guys on the ice are responsible together. I’m part of the reason that we’re losing, too. I’m responsible just like everyone else in that room.”


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