Odafe Oweh Aims to ‘Dominate More’ in Year 2

New Defensive Coordinator Mike Macdonald coached Ojabo at Michigan, and now Macdonald and Oweh have begun their coach-player relationship. It’s going well, and Oweh had already received word from his friend that he would like playing for Macdonald.

“I love Coach Mike already,” Oweh said. “When I first got here, he laid it down for me and told me what he expected of me and what he wanted. I’m buying in. I think a lot of the other guys are buying in as well. I’m cool with it man, I’m cool with him. I’m a full go. Let’s go.”

Coaches often talk about the growth that they hope to see from players moving from Year 1 to Year 2, and Oweh senses that happening. He feels more comfortable, and he’s raising the bar for what he expects.

“Just the knowledge of things that I didn’t know my rookie year. Things I didn’t even know I didn’t know,” Oweh said. “In the classroom, in terms of my body, being more prepared. I had the shoulder thing. I’m farther ahead of where I was rookie camp, I just feel better as an athlete.

“Basically, I’m just extremely raw. I’m a ‘potential’ guy, basically. So, I’m watching the film [from] last year [and] I’m like, ‘Oh, I did crazy good. I did all this stuff.’ And then you watch it now in the offseason, and I’m like, ‘There’s so much stuff you can…

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