OBF: Farewell to Tommy Heinsohn, Boston’s ‘Godfather’

He was Boston’s “Godfather.”

Tommy Heinsohn played a role in all 17 Celtics titles as a coach, player or broadcaster. His colossal smile and bombastic voice failed to adequately reflect his personality, passion and excellence as an NBA Hall of Fame player, coach, broadcaster and human being.

They were merely a hint to the gigantic resume of the man who bore them.

That resume included the following:

•           Player — Naismith Hall Of Fame

•           Coach — Naismith Hall Of Fame

•           8 NBA Titles (Player)

•           2 NBA Titles (Coach)

•           6 NBA All-Star Games

There’s a reason why Heinsohn was such an unapologetic homer during all those Celtics broadcasts. No. 15 never played for or coached another team. Not for a single game. Heinsohn was 100% Celtics from the day he was drafted out of Holy Cross in 1956 until he died Tuesday at the age of 86.

Even after his passing, Heinsohn will be a forever part of the Celtics.

“It’s hard to imagine the Boston Celtics without Tommy Heinsohn,” team owners Wyc Grousbeck, Steve Pagliuca and the Celtics ownership group said in a statement. “Tommy was the ultimate Celtic … For the past 18 years, our ownership group has relied hugely on Tommy’s advice and insights and have reveled in his hundreds of stories about Red Auerbach, Bill Russell, and how the Celtics became a dynasty.”

The Red Sox had Johnny Pesky. The Bruins had Milt…

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