Nothing wrong with the Bucs that Rob Gronkowski can’t fix

TAMPA — Make the call. Bend the knee. Open the vault. Do whatever it takes but, for goodness’ sake, find a way to get these crazy kids together again.

Promise midweek vacations. Tease with more endorsements. Make it clear that he, alone, can rescue the Bucs. Just find a way to get Rob Gronkowski back in Tom Brady’s huddle.

You can see it, right? There is nothing wrong with Tampa Bay’s offense that a 265-pound legend of a tight end can’t cure.

Need a reliable target on third down? Sign Gronk. Need to stretch the field? Sign Gronk. Need that final block to open up the running game? Sign Gronk.

Need to see a freaking smile on Brady’s face? Sign Gronk!

Yes, I’m aware this may not be as easy as it sounds. Gronkowski has retired from the NFL for the second time and, from all appearances, is living his best life.

He’s throwing parties, he’s doing USAA and Subway commercials, he’s ripping it up on basketball courts. So, no, the Bucs cannot just snap their fingers and get Gronkowski back on the sideline at age 33.

But if they’ve already inquired 99 times, they need to pick up the phone again.

Look, on a serious note, if Gronkowski is concerned about his health then he absolutely made the right decision to walk away. No Super Bowl is worth risking any player’s long-term lifestyle.

But there are enough people around…

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