No, Devin Booker is not on the same level as Paul George

Sometimes I wonder whether Paul George would rather choose peace. As I wrote last offseason, it seems like he doesn’t even have to really do anything to get people talking, and when he does do something it causes a tidal wave in the social media world.

So where does him having a private conversation with Patrick Beverley about the Phoenix Suns leave him? Apparently he can’t even do that these days without it causing some kind of storm, though I guess when you befriend a guy like Pat you know exactly what you’re signing up for — and, to be honest, his foray into the world of sportscasting has so far been nothing if not entertaining.

Within one of the many debates the Timberwolves guard shared with ESPN’s resident debate specialist Stephen A. Smith, Beverley discussed the idea that Devin Booker belongs in the same bracket as “prime” Paul George — referring to his days as an Indiana Pacer. The problem was, by separating the current version of George from his former self, Pat accidentally found himself in a similar camp to the PG haters and it wasn’t even really through any fault of his own.

Yet by splitting talk of his talents between the past and the present, the nuances of the Los Angeles Clippers star’s game and the trials and tribulations he’s experienced to this point in his career are lost.

So let’s start it off like this.…

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