Nick Caserio explains Jack Easterby’s role with Texans

Jack Easterby has been a target for criticism from Texans fans almost ever since he arrived in Houston in 2019. The franchise is intentionally vague about the role Easterby plays within the organization except that he was hired as the team’s executive vice president of team development, which included duties some refer to as a “character coach”, then nine months later was promoted to executive vice president of football operations. He also briefly assumed the role of general manager when the Texans fired Bill O’Brien four games into the 2020 season.

Caserio spent a couple minutes on his weekly appearance on SportsRadio 610’s Payne and Pendergast show Tuesday morning, defending Easterby and also explaining a bit more about how roles are split between himself and Easterby.

“I have a lot of respect and appreciation for the job that Jack does,” Caserio said. “Candidly, not a lot of people probably really understand the nuts and bolts of it, but when you actually get a chance to spend time with Jack, I think you realize it’s probably not as bad everybody makes it out to be.”

Caserio said, as general manager, he handles all the football decisions, while Easterby handles more logistical issues.

“Jack has an important role from an operational and logistics standpoint, that’s what he was brought here to do, that’s his role in football operations,” Caserio said. “I talked about this last spring: Anything as it pertains to making…

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