Next year’s Dodgers, whomever they are, need to fix a familiar problem

They did not lose because of pitching gymnastics, as annoying as they were. The Dodgers won their “bullpen game” in the National League Championship Series, and in Game 5 of the Division Series as well.

They did not lose because Max Muncy wasn’t there. Their on-base percentage in the NLCS was .330, same as the regular season, and if you’re going to reverse time and heal the sick, then you have to restore Atlanta’s Ronald Acuna Jr. and Mike Soroka, too.

They did not lose because of Dave Roberts’ decision to let Walker Buehler pitch to Eddie Rosario with two on and two out in the fourth inning of Game 6 Saturday. The option was lefty Alex Vesia, who was warming, in case Rosario got on and Freddie Freeman came up.

Rosario’s three-run homer off Buehler eventually beat the Dodgers, 4-2, in Game 6. But Vesia had his chance in the sixth and walked Rosario, Freeman and Ozzie Albies with two out, forcing Roberts to burn Blake Treinen for one out (Austin Riley).

And they probably did not lose because of fatigue, built through a wild-card game with St. Louis and then five games with the Giants. Was winning the division and getting the bye worth the exertion? It seemed that way, but the Division Series was mentally cliffhanging for both sides, on a pitch-by-pitch basis.

The Dodgers didn’t lose because of any of that. They lost because they left…

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