News Analysis: Did other NFL teams secretly help St. Louis with suit against Rams?

The Rams and NFL agreed Wednesday to pay $790 million to St. Louis to settle a lawsuit over the team’s move to Los Angeles. The City of St. Louis alleged the Rams violated the NFL’s relocation policy.

For now, there are some answers and lots of lingering questions:

What does this settlement mean for St. Louis?

While it’s not the billions in punitive damages that some people there were hoping for, the $790 million is staggering. A couple decades ago, that would have paid for an entire stadium. It’s almost as much as the league has paid in its concussion settlement. Without question, St. Louis stuck it to Stan Kroenke and the NFL after losing the Rams, so a lot of people there feel vindication.


What’s it mean for Kroenke and the NFL?

They can cut his (substantial) losses and move forward without the dark cloud of this lawsuit overhead. The settlement isn’t an admission of guilt, but a clear indication they didn’t think they would prevail in a St. Louis courtroom. A loss there likely would have meant astronomical punitive damages. Kroenke and the other league owners would have been required to post a bond, likely in the amount of the jury trial verdict, in order to appeal to a higher court. Even then, there’s no guarantee they would win in state supreme court, and even if they did the process would take years. The Rams and league…

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