NBA roundtable: If 76ers trade Ben Simmons, where will he land?

NBA All-Star Ben Simmons has been adamant this offseason that he’s no longer interested in playing for the Philadelphia 76ers. New reports arose Tuesday that he has informed the team he will not report to camp.

The Los Angeles Times’ NBA reporters — Andrew Greif, Broderick Turner and Dan Woike — examine what’s next for Simmons and the 76ers, including potential trades to the Golden State Warriors and Portland Trail Blazers as well as the Lakers and the Clippers.

AG: We begin the new NBA season considering the same question that consumed so much attention at the end of the last: Where can Philadelphia find a home, and what can it get back in the process, for Ben Simmons? Less than one week remains before training camp opens with the Sixers and nothing has changed with his get-me-out-of-here stance, per multiple reports today. The difference is that training camp is now officially looming, which means fines could be incoming for Simmons. Will trade offers follow?

BT: Here’s what I now wonder about the Simmons situation now that the reports are that he is done with the 76ers. What are the 76ers looking for in exchange for their All-Star forward? And what can they actually get in return?


DW: The Clippers and Lakers should be very interested in this situation even if the likelihood of either team acquiring Simmons is lower than his three-point percentage. The reason is that there’s…

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