NBA playoffs are withering on the vine, maybe the conference finals will save them

I’m not going to say the NBA playoffs have been bad because they are playoffs and the stakes are high and the intensity is outstanding.

But I’m certainly not going to suggest they’ve at any level been epic or even above average.

Sure, there have been some wonderful games. The Boston-Milwaukee series has been tremendous, Boston-Brooklyn was a sweep but the games were all close and while I didn’t see a ton of Dallas-Utah, what I saw was pretty good.

But overall?


Double blah.

Look at the sheer numbers:

After last night, there have been 11 games that were decided by 20 or more points (that’s my tipping point for “blowout” and it’s probably too high) and other six decided by 30 or more, which is like “Tuesday in mid-January, good rested team against bad team playing its fourth game in five nights” territory.

There has been one – ONE – overtime game (remember that one, Raptors fans?), and only 13 that were decided by three or fewer points.

There hadn’t been a single series that’s provided the drama of a deciding seventh game until Dallas clubbed Phoenix last night and the chance of that one being a nip-and-tuck game are slight.


The thing is, trying to figure out a “why” is extremely difficult, especially considering we came through a regular season with tremendous depth and parity.

Maybe it’s that teams, once they get way down, are slightly…

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