NBA Draft decisions: Should Wizards take Jalen Duren or Mark Williams?

With the 10th overall pick in the 2022 NBA Draft, the Wizards may have to make a difficult choice between two players at the same position. We are going through those decisions in a series of articles, continuing with two big men who could be on the board at 10: Jalen Duren of Memphis and Duke’s Mark Williams.

Duren is only 18 years old but by no means looks or plays like it. He is a powerful athlete, mobile and with enough bounce to throw down lobs and block all sorts of shots around the rim. Duren is big enough and strong enough to where there won’t be much of an adjustment to the more physical and athletic competition at the NBA level. He’s got an NBA ready body and doesn’t seem like the type who will back away from the challenge of facing older, more polished players.

Duren’s game is very much centered in the paint. He is an aggressive rim-runner, he rebounds and he blocks shots (2.1 bpg at Memphis). He’s also been praised for his screen-setting and, given he’s built so strong, he is probably going to be one of those players no one wants to run into blindly. Duren isn’t a unicorn by any means, as he did not attempt a single three in college and doesn’t do much off the dribble, but with pick-and-rolls dominating NBA offenses, there is always going to be room for a…

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