Morgan Moses gained respect for Ron Rivera with how he handled Haskins’ benching

When Ron Rivera made the controversial decision to bench quarterback Dwayne Haskins, how the head coach chose to relay the information to his team actually strengthened his relationship with his players.

“Honestly I think it’s been a (breath of fresh air) just having Ron here because he listens to us as players, as just a collective group, on things that we see that we want to do,” Morgan Moses told reporters Thursday. “As a team, we move together. There’s no decision that he makes and he just blatantly makes it, and doesn’t include us in it.”

“When he came and told us about the whole Dwayne situation, where they were moving forward, he sat in front of the team and said there was gonna be some things that were going to be changing, that he was going to be visiting the rooms and kind of just sharing what he feels that needs to happen,” he said.

“And so when you have a coach like that, that is honest and upfront with you about it, obviously it’s a hard pill to swallow when somebody’s telling you, ‘Hey, you’re not doing this,'” Moses continued. “But at the end of the day you respect that person, because instead of having somebody else tell you, he’s sitting there telling you to your face.”

“I think it’s very important that we have a coach like that, that we can talk to and he can talk to us,…

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