Milwaukee Bucks: Jrue Holiday is nearing his return to action

The Milwaukee Bucks certainly got a boost Sunday night as they took home their second straight victory.

Midway through their 128-115 win over the Sacramento Kings, Bucks guard Jrue Holiday joined his teammates on the bench and to enjoy a much-needed victory.

It marks Holiday’s first appearance since entering the league’s health safety protocols midway through the Bucks’ road trip and his absence coincided with the Bucks’ five-game losing streak that they have since broken.

Now 3-5 in the games where they’ve been without Holiday, the Bucks have learned the hard way when being without such an instrumental contributor like Holiday.

The good news, though, is that Holiday appears to be nearing his return.

The Milwaukee Bucks have sorely missed Jrue Holiday, but his return may be imminent.

After the Bucks’ win, head coach Mike Budenholzer hinted at Holiday’s return coming very soon, all while keeping it very vague in true Budenholzer fashion.

Mike Budenholzer on Jrue Holiday: “He’s getting very close.”

Did not want to give specifics on a timeline.

— Eric Nehm (@eric_nehm) February 22, 2021

Obviously Holiday has emerged from his quarantine following his unconfirmed COVID-19 diagnosis. Over that time, the NBA prohibits players from exercising for 10 days and have to be monitored for two additional days in individual workouts.

At this rate, it’s been two weeks since news of Holiday entering health and safety protocols surfaced, so one would guess that he’s working his way…

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