Milwaukee Bucks: Filling final roster spot will be a waiting game

Over the last two seasons, the Milwaukee Bucks have been certainly been active in shorting up their roster ahead of their playoffs runs.

Whether making the calculated gamble for Nikola Mirotic ahead of the 2019 trade deadline or pursuing buyout signings such as Pau Gasol and Marvin Williams, the Bucks haven’t stood still when it comes to this time of year under general manager Jon Horst.

Now with less than a month away from this season’s trade deadline, Bucks fans are certainly intrigued to what could be in store this trade season.

At 19-13, Milwaukee hasn’t played to the same standard that they played at over the last two seasons and they have an open roster spot that will surely be filled by the time the postseason rolls around.

The only problem is that the Bucks will have to wait out when they can fill out their vacant roster spot.

As ESPN’s Bobby Marks noted in his league-wide look at this year’s trade season ($$), the date for when the Bucks can fill their roster spot without going over the $138.9 million cap apron, due to being hard capped, is on April 7.

The Milwaukee Bucks will be hard-pressed to make any traction on the trade market.

The date comes 12 days after the trade deadline, which already poses a similar set of difficulties for the Bucks to maneuver due to the diminished pile of trade assets at their disposal.…

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