Mike Westhoff pulls no punches about key Jets figures in new book

Anyone who ever watched a Mike Westhoff press conference when he was the special teams coordinator of the Jets knows he was never afraid to speak his mind.

Westhoff does just that in his new book, “Figure It Out: My Thirty-Two Year Journey While Revolutionizing Pro Football’s Special Teams,” which is co-written by AP sportswriter Barry Wilner.

The book is an interesting read for NFL fans, and in particular Jets fans. Westhoff coached in 657 NFL games (by his count), including the preseason, regular season and postseason. Westhoff was one of the most influential special teams coaches ever in the NFL and he details how he approached coaching in the book, including diagrams of some of his plays.

The 74-year-old Westhoff coached with the Jets from 2001-12, working for three different head coaches and going to the playoffs six times with the team. He had nine players that led the NFL in either punt or kickoff returns.

Westhoff had some interesting takes on prominent Jets figures during that time. Here are a few:

Herm Edwards

Westhoff praises Edwards, but did confirm some of Edwards’ weak spots.

“I found out quickly that Herman was good to work with. I enjoyed his company and trusted him. In many ways, though, he was not well prepared to be an NFL head coach. He had played in the NFL and worked his way up the ladder as a scout and assistant coach. He never…

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