Mike Tomlin is right to be confused about Eric Bieniemy

Mike Tomlin isn’t the only one scratching his head. After yet another offseason in which Eric Bieniemy was bypassed for every single head coaching opening, we’re all still wondering why he remains with the K.C. Chiefs.

Tomlin, the head coach for the Pittsburgh Steelers, recently sat down to talk about the lack of opportunities for minorities in head coaching positions around the NFL on Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel. On the show, he spoke bluntly and honestly about the frustrating lack of progress in an area that receives plenty of media attention each year. Despite quality candidates and obvious opportunities, NFL owners continue to overwhelmingly hire white head coaches.

In his quotes, Tomlin specifically mentioned Bieniemy. As the Chiefs offensive coordinator, he’s in prime position—at least from an outside perspective—to earn a head coaching opportunity. He interviewed for almost every single opening this offseason and that comes after a half-dozen interviews last year and even some the year before that. Coming into this specific offseason, Bieniemy seemed like he could even have his pick of multiple vacancies. And then he didn’t.

“Bieniemy is a real head-scratcher for me,” Tomlin said. “Every offensive coordinator Andy Reid has had in the last 20 years got a head job. One of those guys, Brad Childress, hired me in Minnesota in 2006. Now, Andy has the best offense he’s ever had and [Bieniemy] can’t get a job?”

Mike Tomlin is confused about why…

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