Mike McCarthy says he almost wrecked his truck when he learned Cowboys would be on HBO’s Hard Knocks

OXNARD, Calif. — The Cowboys officially start training camp with Thursday’s practice and other than the fans and media who will watch it, HBO’s Hard Knocks series is here with cameras in hotel meeting rooms, hotel rooms, on the practice fields and basically everywhere someone is walking associated with the Cowboys.

Mike McCarthy who doesn’t want to give an opponent an edge by knowing anything, as an example, he took off the jersey numbers of players during a televised scrimmage last year, and was hesitant to allow media members to tweet during practices this year, had a frantic response when told HBO was coming to training camp.

“I am just going to be honest,” the Cowboys coach said Wednesday. “I almost wrecked my truck when Jerry (Jones) called me, driving through a rain storm. But I got it back in the road and I am all on. He gave me his glasses so we are good.”

McCarthy doesn’t have the look of a man who is wanting HBO’s cameras visiting his football team. McCarthy, with deep Pittsburgh roots, is a meat and potatoes type of man.

During the opening news conference, Jerry Jones loaned his sunglasses to the head coach, because, well it’s Southern California. Stephen Jones and Jerry Jones were wearing sunglasses at the start of the introductory news conference.

“I think it’s important for all of us and that was the message after meeting with the (HBO) staff:…

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