Mick Shots: With Draft Nearing, Eye On 2021

FRISCO, Texas – Starting to feel a draft.

And has nothing to do with the 20 mph winds blowing through these parts the last couple of days.

Nope the Cowboys selecting 10th overall, previous QB runs in the draft, a potential rocky road and a special birthday shoutout.e, the NFL Draft, April 29, now just 22 days away, the Cowboys holding the 10th pick in the first round, the first time in their 61st draft in franchise history they’ve held that pick. Now, they’ve had the ninth pick once, turning into Tyron Smith in 2011, and twice the 11th pick, Michael Irvin in 1988 and DeMarcus Ware in 2005.

But never the 10th pick … until this year.

And get this: Only 15 other times since their very first draft in 1961 have the Cowboys owned a top-10 pick.

Winning in the NFL does have its disadvantages.

But you can sense the draft is near. Those yearly draft guides are coming out, including the official 2021 _Dallas Cowboys Star Magazine Draft Guide_. Mock drafts are springing up faster than front-lawn weeds. Third versions of mocks are out, and funny thing is, I’ve seen one that’s made three different picks at No. 10 for the Cowboys, and each time all three of the picks were available. Not sure what changed.

And think about this: With a huge possibility of five quarterbacks going in the top 10, along with two wide receivers,…

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