Mick Shots: Where Do They Go From Here

FRISCO, Texas – And now comes time for the Cowboys to hold their breath.

The official offseason comes to a close after Thursday, save what head coach Mike McCarthy is calling a week’s worth of “Rookie School,” and for those guys still rehabbing from surgery or for those still after a little break conscious of their conditioning before the start of training camp, where he says, “I’m planning for Oxnard.”

Still awaiting that official stamp of approval, maybe arriving shortly.

Nevertheless, that’s a long time, close to 40 days and 40 nights, of unstructured time for your players to be away, though the Cowboys are allowed to start camp earlier in preparation for the preseason’s first game against the Steelers at the Hall of Fame. You just never know what idle time can bring.

Then there is the conditioning worries, too, since there is no more going to camp to get into condition like the old days. Better be ready to go, and especially those borderline players.

“It’s really the five-week period for each individual to get themselves ready,” McCarthy maintains, eschewing vacation. “The conditioning component to me is always the biggest challenge in training camp, especially because of late because we have different restrictions and it’s a bigger time away from your team than years ago.

“I’d say don’t totally get away from it.”

But for now, we all got two days full of minicamp practices, certainly more than…

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