Making sense of Jonathan Isaac’s contract status with the Orlando Magic

It was not a surprise before last season when the Orlando Magic signed Jonathan Isaac to a contract extension.

The Magic were stuck in something of a bind with a team they still expected to make the playoffs and a young player with clear elite defensive talent. Even with Isaac was likely out the entire 2021 season recovering from a torn ACL, it made sense to invest in the young forward.

The Magic signed Isaac before the shortened 2021 season to a four-year, $70-million contract. That equates to $17.5 million per season.

That was a major investment for the team and a show of faith in the young forward. They were not going to get any more information on Isaac with him out the entire 2021 season, so they invested in what they knew and took care of him.

The Orlando Magic’s contract with Jonathan Isaac was heavily incentive-laden. The details of those incentives are starting to come out as the team plans for 2023.

That was a point up for debate. Perhaps the Magic could have retained him for less if he hit restricted free agency. That might have been bad of business — Orlando took care of their person as much as their player.

But it quickly came out that Isaac’s contract was heavily incentive-laden. With Isaac having played only 136 games in five seasons, it was widely assumed he had to reach certain games played marks to…

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