Mailbag: What’s the Plan to Slow Down Josh Allen?

Mink: The Ravens are primarily known for being a man-coverage team, which can cause problems against a mobile quarterback because their eyes are trained on their receiver more. However, Baltimore mixes up its coverages with some frequency and will continue to do so, perhaps even more than usual, against Allen.

Let me also add this. Allen can run, and he can even bulldoze defenders. But I don’t think Allen’s running ability is so dangerous that it forces defenses to change what they fundamentally do (like defenses must against Lamar Jackson). New England’s Cam Newton ran for more yards than Allen did this year. So did Houston’s Deshaun Watson. The Ravens surrendered a combined 38 rushing yards to those two quarterbacks.

I think what’s making fans especially leery of Allen’s running ability is he just had 11 carries for 54 yards and a touchdown against the Indianapolis Colts last week. He only had more carries than that once this season (in Week 1) and more yards twice. So, yes, the Ravens have to be aware of Allen’s ability to run, but I’m more concerned about his arm than his legs.

I expect the Ravens will use a variety of blitzes and coverages to keep Allen guessing. The last thing they want to do is let him get comfortable because he has the talent, and weapons, to carve up a defense. Last year, Baltimore held Allen to 17 completions on 39 attempts…

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