Logan Webb’s Giants success begins with caffeine-filled routine

SAN FRANCISCO — Even though he grew up rooting for the team across the bay, Logan Webb, a native of Rocklin, CA was drawn to some Giants, particularly two pitchers known for coming through in huge spots. On Wednesday he listed Matt Cain and Ryan Vogelsong as two guys he always loved watching, but Giants fans probably shouldn’t completely try to mimic the Vogelsong-inspired #RallyEnchiladas before Webb starts Game 5.

Webb revealed a pregame tradition he knows isn’t the healthiest, but it’s one he can’t skip. He drinks three Red Bulls before every start, one right before he gets to the field, one before he starts stretching with a trainer, and then one as he finishes his warmup pitches in the bullpen. 

“I’ve always loved Red Bull,” the 24-year-old said, smiling. “I honestly started drinking it when I was in travel ball when I was really young. Don’t be mad at my dad or mom or anything about that. But that was kind of me and my brother’s thing.”

Webb will throw in a big fist pump or scream every once in a while, but for the most part he’s pretty calm on the mound. He does not give off the sense that he’s over-caffeinated, although perhaps that pre-game routine partially explains his massive cuts at the plate. The rest is easy to figure out.

“You guys know I love hitting,” Webb said during a light and humorous pre-Game 5…

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