Lions mailbag mini: What got better, worse when Dan Campbell took over as play caller?

Every now and then, when we put out a question for mailbag, we get one that deserves a little more attention and thought. Instead of either giving a brief, unsatisfying answer or turning in a long-winded answer that results in a 3,000-word mailbag, we’ve decided to pull them from the mailbag article and give it some individual time and care.

Seeing as this is the offseason, we may do this a couple times a month or maybe even a couple times a week. We’ll kick off this series with a question from @lilmaua on Twitter:

In what areas did the team get better and worse after Campbell took over play calling?

Jeremy: I like this question, because I’ve been on a bit of a stat dive, and I wanted to see if there was anything tangible that the Detroit Lions got worse at after Campbell took over play calling. In terms of offensive statistics, that was nearly impossible to find. Jared Goff got better, the offensive line got better, the running game got better and the wide receiver play certainly got better. Here is just a sampling of stats I looked at:

Passer rating

  • Before: 85.3
  • After: 91.2

Yards per pass attempt

  • Before: 5.4
  • After: 6.0

Yards per rush

  • Before: 4.07
  • After: 4.68

Points per game

  • Before: 16.8
  • After: 21.2

Sacks allowed

  • Before: 22
  • After: 14

But perhaps the biggest feather in Campbell’s hat is situational football, where playcalling likely…

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