Letters May 24: With Jason Kenney out, who can save Alberta from the NDP?

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Can we please campaign Rona Ambrose to become our new premier?

Alberta Premier Jason Kenney. Photo by Jim Wells/Postmedia

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In response to the letter from Mark Patterson “Anybody But Danielle.” He’s happy Jason Kenny is gone and that Alison Redford and Jim Prentice (R.I.P.) can no longer lead, as for the federal Conservatives he believes that Pierre Poilievre is out of touch with Canadians so who would he choose? Obviously not Danielle Smith. Mr. Patterson seems to find fault with every aspect of conservatism so I suspect that he may be an NDP supporter. He also claims (I find it a bit of exaggeration) that he would consider moving out of the province if Smith were to win which I find to be a “I’m taking my ball and going home” statement. Just to be clear, would you be moving to the left coast?

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George Colgan

(What about all the people who claim they left Alberta due to Jason Kenney, are they coming back?)


Can we please campaign Rona Ambrose to become our new premier? If Notley gets back in to finish her agenda we are totally hooped!

Dwaine Murphy

(Who knows!)

Bad luck Kenney

I have been a member of the Conservative party for many years. This includes both federal and provincial. We had a term with the NDP which didn’t impress Albertans enough to re-elect…

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