Letters July 30: Weeds the winners in move to naturalization

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Naturalize. The City of Edmonton’s new buzzword for not cutting the grass and letting weeds infest the city. The city wants to “naturalize” stormwater parks just like they tried to “naturalize” school yards and boulevards a couple of years ago and residents are still cleaning up the mess of dandelions and thistles that created. You can bet if I decided to “naturalize” my yard, bylaw officers would show up with ticket book in hand!

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(It will save a few bucks, though.)


A writer on Thursday claimed the NDP government fired nurses and cut their wages. Both claims are false. Under our NDP government, nursing staff levels tracked upward at a rate similar to population growth. The bargaining position of job cuts and wage rollbacks began under the UCP government in late 2019.

Christina Gray
MLA for Edmonton-Mill Woods

(Thanks for the clarification.)


With Deena Hinshaw announcing that the province will soon drop all pandemic-specific health measures, and will refocus on the broader health-care issues, the COVID Karens (and Kens) are about to come unglued. They will shriek about the increased cases (true), that children under 12 have not yet been vaccinated (true) and that there will be isolated outbreaks (also true). What they fail to mention is that hospitalizations continue to decrease, young children have had worse outcomes from some seasonal influenza strains, and the outbreaks will…

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