Lethal Rams pass rush will be Bengals’ biggest challenge in Super Bowl 2022

INGLEWOOD, Calif. — Teams are built to get to the Super Bowl in so many different ways and there are often attempts around the league to duplicate these success formulas.

Planning to follow the path the veteran Rams took to get to Super Bowl LVI is probably not advisable. Drafting wisely and retaining your own players and developing a quarterback are all ingredients favored by teams throughout the NFL. The Rams ignored almost all of this. Their two greatest home-grown players are defensive lineman Aaron Donald and wide receiver Cooper Kupp. They traded for their quarterback, Matthew Stafford, less than a year ago. Los Angeles traded so many of their first round picks for established veteran players that they might as well tell some of their college scouts to go on sabbatical.  

This created an unusual scenario for the Rams. All teams say they feel the need — not the desire — to win once they get to a Super Bowl. There are differing degrees of urgency, though. This trip for the Bengals arose without much advance notice. Not so with the Rams. They were built to get here and whatever happens next is certainly not irrelevant, but the future takes a backseat to the here and now with this particular Rams team.

Aaron Donald leaders the Rams in sacks with 12.5 this season.AP

The Rams did follow a familiar script, though, in terms of loading up on pass rushers the way the Giants did in their Super Bowl victories…

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