Lennon: Yankees have to be buyers, and this win backed that up

The armchair GMs had quite a ride with Saturday’s game between the Yankees and Red Sox. The wannabe Brian Cashmans did, anyway.

Innings One through Seven: Sell! Sell! Sell!

The Eighth and beyond: Buy! Buy!

It’s a volatile time of the year, when emotions swing crazier than Giancarlo Stanton at a two-strike slider in the dirt. With only six days left before the July 30 trade deadline, figuring out the best course of action for teams on the bubble is tricky business.

The Yankees, however, are not a conventional bubble team. Not with a $200 million price tag. And to think a bad weekend at Fenway Park would dramatically alter the way Cashman or Hal Steinbrenner views their 2021 goals would be a mistake.

If there is a path to the playoffs, Cashman has no choice but to steer these Yankees in that direction, full speed ahead.

Realistically, even with Saturday’s stirring 4-3 victory over the Red Sox, the Yankees’ AL East title hopes are bordering on Hail Mary territory, if not totally gonzo already.

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But the wild card remains very much alive, regardless of how this Fenway series wraps Sunday, and having to recalibrate the playoff expectations for that route isn’t so different for the Yankees — aside from maybe dealing with the sting of finishing behind the Red Sox, of course.

After Seattle…

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