Lennon: This sticky stuff issue can get very messy in a lot of ways

Oh, what a tangled web Spider Tack was able to weave this past week.

Batter vs. pitcher.

Player vs player.

Player vs the commissioner.

General manager vs player.

And on it went.

Open a can of sticky stuff and it becomes a veritable Pandora’s box for baseball, the latest in a line of controversies that have tugged at the fabric of the sport like a loose thread from a sweater.

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What began in spring training as a warning label attached to 2021 by MLB’s effort to curtail runaway substances applied to the baseball got dragged into the pending labor showdown between the owners and the Players Association. That shouldn’t be too surprising. Most things do, especially with the collective bargaining agreement expiring in December.

But nothing comes easy with baseball. On the surface, enforcing Rule 6.02 (c) is fairly straightforward. The pitchers are limited to the league-approved rosin bag when it comes to grippy substances, and anything beyond that technically is a violation.

The Twins’ Josh Donaldson has been so fed up with the widespread abuse that he called out the Yankees’ Gerrit Cole by name, creating all the additional drama when the two teams faced off this past week at Target Field.

Gerrit Cole #45 of the Yankees prepares to pitch against the Minnesota Twins in the first inning of the game at Target Field…

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