Landslide: Poll of readers decisive on Cousins, Zimmer, Spielman

The best and worst thing about Twitter is that you can hear a lot of what people are thinking about in a very short amount of time.

In putting that (hopefully) too good use, I offered up the following hypothetical in the form of a poll question Tuesday:

You’re the Wilf family.

You are told you have to keep exactly one of these three.

Who comes back to the #vikings in 2022?

— RandBall (@RandBall) January 4, 2022

Now, obviously this is a thought exercise and not reality for a number of reasons. There is only a very small chance you, the reader, are a member of the Wilf family. And in any year-end decision-making there is not a restriction on how many of those three can stay or go.

But as I talked about on Wednesday’s Daily Delivery podcast, the question did serve a useful purpose in taking the temperature (at least of those who follow me on Twitter) on how the Vikings should chart a path forward.

The results, I will say, were a surprise to me.

While I didn’t expect a perfectly even split, I thought each of Zimmer, Spielman and Cousins would get a roughly even share of votes — say, at least 25% each.

Instead, with mere hours before the poll closes and more than 1,000 votes already in, we find Cousins as the landslide leader.

I dare say RandBall has called the election for…

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