Kofi Cockburn leaning on Ayo Dosunmu while chasing NBA Draft dreams

Kofi Cockburn talks to his former college teammate Ayo Dosunmu every day.

And Cockburn — who, despite wrapping his third season at Illinois as Dosunmu embarked on his rookie campaign in the NBA, is four months older than the Chicago Bulls guard — says he oftentimes plays the big brother role.

“Whenever he (Dosunmu) has a game, I call him before and give him a pep talk, get into his dog mentality,” Cockburn said with a wide grin after scrimmaging with other prospects at the 2022 NBA Draft Combine. “Sometimes he needs that from me.”

But with Cockburn chasing his NBA dreams in Chicago for the week, Dosunmu has assumed the role of mentor.

“I spoke to him yesterday. I spoke to him the day before,” Cockburn said of Dosunmu. “It’s just him telling me things that I should show scouts, the way I should carry myself — things that I know already, but just him being that brother to me and letting me know, ‘Yo, this is what they’re looking for. Make sure you’re doing this.’”

Added Cockburn of the advice Dosunmu imparted: “Show my athleticism. Show my speed and my vertical. He said scouts look at that a lot. He just said show my personality. He knows what kind of guy I am. He knows I’m a leader, and he knows I’m vocal. So he just said ‘Show that stuff because that carries over just as much as…

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