Klee’s Scorecard (and prediction): Who to share a blackjack table with — Jon Gruden or Vic Fangio?

Klee’s Scorecard: Broncos at Las Vegas Raiders


Henry Ruggs III went 12th (to the Raiders). Jerry Jeudy went 15th (to the Broncos). Jon Gruden’s explanation: “Ruggs gave us a (speed) dimension this franchise hasn’t had in a long time.” While Jeudy has twice as many catches and yards, it’s Ruggs and the Vegas offense that are taking off.

Advantage: Raiders


Oh, boy. This Raiders defense is a mess. It’s 26th in points per play, 26th in pass defense, 30th in sacks and 31st in turnovers. Talk about a perfect time for Drew Lock to get his offense in order. Question is, can Vic Fangio field a run defense that can stop Gruden’s big-time running game?

Advantage: Broncos

Special teams

Going out on a limb here: the Broncos will not have a special teamer selected to the Pro Bowl. OK, one more step out: Tom McMahon will not return in 2021. While Fangio has given a vote of confidence to the special teams coordinator, their sideline interactions suggest it’s not working.

Advantage: Raiders


Serious question: who’d you rather join at a Vegas blackjack table — Gruden or Fangio? The dealer analysis from Gruden would be Emmy worthy. Then again, Fangio spinning a yarn can lighten the mood during a cold streak. Final answer: Gruden. Living in Vegas, he’ll know the $5 tables.

Advantage: Raiders


Broncos QB Peyton Manning, bless him, never lost to the Raiders (7-0). And…

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