Kiz vs. Singer: Should the Nuggets say goodbye to Will Barton in free agency?

Question: Should the Nuggets say goodbye to Will Barton in free agency?

Kiz: Is the Thrill gone in Denver? Will Barton wants to get paid. And he sounds less than thrilled with his status in the Nuggets’ pecking order. I like Barton, as much for his feistiness as the red-hot scoring when he gets on a roll. And I know Denver might well be short on quality players in the backcourt until Jamal Murray can return from his ACL injury. But should Tim Connelly ante up for Barton, or tell him to go seek happiness elsewhere in the league?

Singer: I personally think this is an ante up situation for several reasons. First of all, there aren’t many teams with cap space this summer, meaning there are only so many places he could go. The Nuggets, presumably, aren’t going to get in a bidding bar. Second, Barton is more valuable to the Nuggets than he is elsewhere because they won’t have sufficient cap space to replace him. Therefore, if the Nuggets want playmaking out of the backcourt, and don’t want to rely on Campazzo/Morris/Dozier, then Barton is the answer.

Kiz: While watching Evan Fournier light up Team USA at the Olympics, I dreamed of how the 28-year-old Frenchman might fit in the Nuggets’ playing rotation. He’s not only as fiercely competitive as Barton, but a more dangerous scorer to boot. I also imagine that whether Fournier returns to Boston or…

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