Kiszla: What quarterback Russell Wilson brings to Broncos is wild obsession for championship

Russell Wilson plays football with evangelical zeal. In the Book of Russ, sloth is a deadly sin. The sinners might be forgiven. But they also will be left behind by a quarterback who earnestly treats the pursuit of a championship like a crusade.

“You have to set the tone every day. There is no other option,” Wilson said Monday, after a spring practice where attendance was voluntary, but the commitment to excellence was not optional.

“If you want to win, and if you want to win it all and be the best in the world as a team and everything else, there is no other option. That’s what we have to do. It’s a wild obsession every day.”

Wilson is so wildly obsessed that when he throws a touchdown pass in May, he celebrates with a rowdy chest bump.

“You have to enjoy the moments, as well as be able to push to the edge and not fall off the edge,” Wilson said.

During this organized team activity on a spring afternoon, new coach Nathanial Hackett installed offensive and defensive concepts for the players that volunteered to participate.

But it’s also apparent: Far more important for a team that hasn’t made the playoffs in six seasons is establishing a tone in which failure is not an option. That tone is unmistakably set by Wilson.

In this regard, the manner in which the Broncos operate now harkens to when quarterback Peyton…

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