Kiszla: Rudely bounced from NHL playoffs, pretty Avs prove they’re built to win Ice Capades, not the Stanley Cup

LAS VEGAS – As the Avalanche team he built again crumbled in the NHL playoffs under the rubble of unfulfilled potential, antsy general manager Joe Sakic had trouble staying in his seat at T-Mobile Arena.

Colorado crapped out in Vegas, losing 6-3 to the Golden Knights here late Thursday.

Hey, Super Joe. We all feel your pain. So pardon me if this is too soon to ask:

How much longer are you going to just stand there as your oh-so-pretty Avs repeatedly fail in their quest for the Stanley Cup because they’re not gritty enough?

“You’re not going to be satisfied, you’re not going to be happy until you win the final game of the season. It sucks. It stinks,” Avalanche captain Gabe Landeskog said.

So let’s allow 24 hours of mourning for a team just beautiful enough to break your heart.

Then Sakic needs to look in the mirror and admit major changes need to be made before this group can win a championship.

Nathan MacKinnon, who will turn 26 years old before the Avs next take the ice, is no kid anymore.

“I’m going into my ninth year and I haven’t won (bleep),” MacKinnon said.

It would be a crying shame if the Avs waste one more season before giving MacKinnon a real chance to win a ring. At this point in his career, MacKinnon’s frustration brings back hints of deja vu for those of us old enough…

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