Kiszla: Broncos must relentlessly pursue Deshaun Watson, if George Paton is truly serious about winning Super Bowl in Denver

Unless he finds a legitimate franchise quarterback, new Broncos general manager George Paton is more likely to get fired in Denver than fulfill a pledge he made Tuesday to the team’s success-starved fans: “I would like to win a Super Bowl here.”

After a five-year playoff drought, the Broncos’ No. 1 need is an elite quarterback. Sorry, Drew Lock ain’t it. He’s not bad. But Lock isn’t a worthy heir to John Elway and Peyton Manning. If Lock’s the QB for the 2021 season-opener, Denver will be playing for next year. Again.

“The quarterback is the most important position in sports. If you don’t have stability at quarterback, you’re going to have a hard time sustaining winning,” Paton said, when I asked him if Denver must rethink its formula of an elite defense complemented by any QB named Joe, Case or Paxton.

“I don’t think the focus should be taken off the defense just because you want a franchise quarterback. I think we all want the franchise quarterback, and the No. 1 goal is trying to draft and develop or acquire (one), any way you can.”

I have a dream for the Broncos. Maybe it’s a crazy one. But I’m doubling down on it.

Go get Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson.

He’s the man — one you want leading your football team. He’s one of the few QBs who could put the Broncos back on equal footing with Patrick Mahomes and…

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