Kirk Cousins Turns to Flash Cards to Help Conquer Vikings New Verbiage

Cousins stepped back a decade to his rookie season when Shanahan was his offensive coordinator and explained “we’re going to call” a particular play “Arches.”

“We’re watching the Greatest Show on Turf run it with Marshall Faulk, and I said, ‘Well, why is it called Arches?’ He said, ‘Because they’re from St. Louis, they ran the play the best and the [Gateway] Arch is in St. Louis.

“In 2020, we still called that play Arches, and I changed teams, changed people, but obviously Kyle had worked with the Kubiaks and there had been carryover, and it was still being called Arches years later. So I called it other things with Jay Gruden, with Sean [McVay], but it boomeranged back to Arches.

“In 2019, I believe it was, when it got installed and they put it up and I said, ‘I’ve seen that play before and they say it’s Arches.’ And I thought, ‘There you go. You learn these words and you learn these terms,’ ” Cousins said. “There’s even a meeting where you’re calling something different and you lean over and you’re like, ‘That’s Arches, but it’s not Arches anymore.’ So you just continue to go. But I joke with guys like Sean Mannion that I’d love to watch that film of Marshall Faulk running those routes because it’s pretty fun to be able to say to a younger player, ‘Hey let me take you way back on these cut-ups…

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