Kingsbury, Murray look like deer in headlights in 1st playoff game

What happened in Los Angeles Monday night wasn’t even a game.

A game requires two teams to actually show up. Only one did. And that team wasn’t the Arizona Cardinals.

Make no mistake about it, the Rams are a far superior team to the Cardinals, but the one-sided domination from play No. 1 through the final snap of the game was more an indictment of the guys on the Arizona side than it was an advertisement of Los Angeles’ strength.

I don’t care that it was Kliff Kingsbury’s first playoff game as a coach. I further don’t care that it was Kyler Murray’s first postseason start as a quarterback. They both looked like deer in headlights, completely ill-prepared for what the playoffs are about despite promising “increased urgency” and spouting predictions of career-defining peformances.

The Cardinals got dominated on both lines of scrimmage all night. Their secondary can’t cover anyone. The play-calling (before the contest quickly got sideways) was strange to say the least. Screen passes to third-string tight ends? Gadget plays early? Not involving James Conner or Zach Ertz early in the contest?

Then again, if Kingsbury had called perfect plays, I’m not sure they would have worked. I’ve watched football for a long time and I don’t ever recall seeing a pro quarterback look as rattled as Murray did on Monday. His careless second quarter fling from the end zone to avoid physical contact that ended in one…

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