Kingerski: Penguins Should Sign Letang, but Nuke the Blue Line

In the fallout from another Pittsburgh Penguins postseason loss, this one probably more painful because it was undeserved but final nonetheless, the prime free agents have taken center stage. Shakespearean actors at the Globe Theater. Will the offseasons of Kris Letang and Evgeni Malkin’s drama become a comedy to be laughed about later, a redemption, or a tragedy?

Bryan Rust and the Penguins met in the middle, and the gritty winger will stick around for up to six years but took a little less annual salary for the term.

Now comes Letang.

Dave Molinari looked at the party list of UFAs who may or may not be available this summer. It’s no bumper crop. If you’re buying futures, sell now. Read: The Penguins’ free-agent options

Everyone has it backward on replacing Letang. The UFA market stinks. The objective should not be to replace Letang but to replace almost everyone else.

Kris Letang Contract

On breakup day, Letang reiterated a promise that he and Hextall made to each other to keep anything and everything out of the media. PHN was told the same from internal sources at multiple points in the season. “Don’t bother asking” was the basic message.

Sportsnet & Elliotte Friedman recently reported the Penguins and Letang were not only not on the same page but not in the same book. That’s as much as we reliably know.

If the Penguins are looking at the tiny crop of available…

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