Kingerski: Avoid the Drama, Penguins Must Sign Jarry to New Contract

Some fans still hold the 2021 playoffs against Tristan Jarry. The Pittsburgh Penguins outplayed the New York Islanders, but untimely soft goals and a ghastly turnover in Game 5 sealed the Penguins’ fate. Fortunately for the Penguins, management was not part of the crowd, which did not forgive, and Jarry was again an NHL All-Star last season.

He was a primary reason the Penguins survived injury woes that rivaled the worst in the league and sunk a few teams’ seasons. Jarry earned the mid-season All-Star honor with a save percentage over .930, a goals-against-average that bubbled below 2.00. He finished at .919 and 2.42.

Most importantly, Jarry was unbeatable when the Penguins needed him. Unlike his predecessor, Matt Murray, Jarry did not have a quick rise to the NHL. The organization forced him to earn each opportunity, and the fourth-round pick Murray zoomed past the 2013 second-rounder, Jarry.

Tristan Jarry, 27, will also be a free agent next summer and just one of two starting netminders under 34 years old who will be a UFA. Alex Nedeljkovic is the other potential UFA closer to his draft day than AARP.

Jonathan Quick will be 37, Semyon Varlamov will be 35, and Frederick Anderson will be 34. That’s next summer’s UFA class. No, it will not be a bumper crop for anything but stopgaps and goalies shuffling off to retirement.

The price for Jarry is already climbing.

The Penguins’ salary cap picture…

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