Kickin’ It with Kiz: Would you rather own the Broncos or be president of the United States?

Kiz, you might want to pass on some marketing advice to Broncos heir Beth Bowlen Wallace. If I was planning to sell a 1988 Chevy Nova, I don’t think publicly implying it’s been an embarrassment for the last three years would be the way to go about it.
— Danny, sales consultant

Kiz: In a Denver real estate market gone mad, the Broncos are a $3 billion fixer-upper in need of tender loving care. Who would want to take on such a huge challenge? Let’s see. Donald Trump was a real estate genius before he took up residence in the White House. Or so the story goes. Dating back to his days with Herschel Walker and the New Jersey Generals, Trump has always wanted to own an NFL team. Maybe Bowlen Wallace should give him a call. Think about it. Would you rather be owner of the Broncos or president?

Shut your mouth, Kiz. Don’t you dare even bring the thought of Trump owning the Broncos into the universe!
— Andy, Thornton

Kiz: Not to worry. The staff here at Kickin’ It Headquarters only kids those we love. Everybody knows Broncos Country holds the owner of our local NFL team to a much higher standard than the president of these United States.

Kendall Hinton only had one more pass completion against New Orleans than me and I didn’t even play.
— Carnac, knows all

Kiz: Here’s guessing…

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