Kickin’ It with Kiz: If Eric Bieniemy wanted to be a head coach, he should’ve taken CU gig

What’s your objection to Chiefs assistant Eric Bieniemy as the next coach of the Broncos? While you disrespect other candidates — and the Broncos do not need another defensive guy as head coach — you’ve not said one word about the best candidate out there. General manager George Paton needs to grab Bieniemy ASAP. He’s from CU, and even Kansas City coach Andy Reid said he cannot understand why Bieniemy hasn’t already become a head coach. Oh, well, you never have anything good to say about anyone, Kiz. So I guess this is par for your course.
— Margaret, Buffs booster

Kiz: Rant on, rant on. But perhaps you missed my recent column lauding Mr. Bieniemy’s football achievements compared to the resume of fellow candidate Nathaniel Hackett. Nevertheless, I’d be shocked if Bieniemy got the Broncos gig. It’s a pity he declined a chance to be the head coach of the Buffs, because I fear this Karl Dorrell thing isn’t working out.

When key players (wide receiver Brenden Rice, cornerback Christian Gonzalez) leave the CU football team, it tells me there is something terribly wrong with the program. Resources, coaching, culture, something. If I were athletic director Rick George, I’d be all over this issue, looking for the root cause of all these athletes transferring out of the program.
— Rick, Durango

Kiz: More than 20 players have bolted from Boulder since September. Maybe they learned what Mel…

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