Kickin’ It with Kiz: How the Nuggets took Jerami for granted and got burned in NBA free agency

So the Nuggets went from trading for Jrue Holiday and re-signing Jerami Grant to getting 29-year-old point guard Facundo Campazzo in the span of a week. I have no idea what the Nuggets’ plan is.

— Wolfy, seeking answers

Kiz:  Face it, Flounder. President of basketball operations Tim Connelly and the Nuggets messed up. They trusted Jerami Grant was coming back. Their huge mistake? Taking Jerami for granted. The Nuggets gave too many minutes he deserved last season to old and tired Paul Millsap, then counted on re-signing Grant for signifcantly less than the crazy $20 million salary Detroit offered. There’s only two ways to show a player love in the NBA: Playing time and money. The Nuggets didn’t offer Grant enough of either until he had one foot out the door.

The NBA should have six to eight teams and that’s it. The national media only talks about teams on both coasts. They’re the only teams with a viable chance to win a title, because superstars don’t go to mid-market teams.

 — Bodacious J, truth to power

Kiz: Denver couldn’t understand the outrageous price Milwaukee paid for Holiday in trade, then badly under-estimated Grant’s value on the open market. Seems to me the Nuggets might need remedial lessons on the price of playing poker in 2020. Hey, I feel your pain. I went from imagining the league’s best starting lineup in Denver to wrapping my head around the…

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