Kickin’ It with Kiz: Have Rockies made blunder of Ian Desmond proportions with Kris Bryant?

Hey, Kiz. Which deal do you think will wind up worse for the Rockies? Ian Desmond or Kris Bryant?

Jerry, Commerce City

Kiz: The Rockies gave Bryant, a ghost with a creaky back haunting the team’s recent freefall in the standings, a $182 million contract out of a sense of guilt for chasing away Nolan Arenado and Trevor Story. That’s poor judgment. But giving Desmond $70 million and a first baseman’s mitt to learn a new position prior to the 2017 season? That was absolutely bonkers. Is the deal for Bryant worse? Get back to me in two years.

Those new green Rockies alternate uniforms are as exciting as the Department of Motor Vehicles. I’m sure someone thought the license plate tag on the right-arm sleeve was the missing detail. This is right on brand for a team that bungles everything.

Scott, Denver

Kiz: Maybe I’m weird, but I find a uniform that pays tribute to the Colorado license plate hilarious. Maybe not as funny as the slapstick comedy show the Rockies take on the road. But hilarious nonetheless.

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Now that Tim Connelly has moved on to Minnesota, maybe he will trade Anthony Edwards for Will Barton because he is such a fan of Will the Thrill.

Chad, data guru

Kiz: I like the way you think! Edwards can go for 25 points on any given night. But just to even up the trade a little, maybe…

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