Kelly Oubre Jr. might be Warriors’ Employee of the Month

The kind of roll Kelly Oubre Jr. is on, why set limits? Why not go for the big prize: Employee of the Month?

That’s an award that doesn’t necessarily go to the Warriors’ best player. Sometimes it is given to someone in recognition of his improvement and attitude.

Oubre no doubt would appreciate that imaginary award, and the reserved parking space that goes with it. In his acceptance speech, he would say he’s just happy to be fitting in.

Because for a while, he wasn’t. Early in the season, Oubre was the No. 1 candidate for another imaginary award: the NBA’s biggest flop.

But on Wednesday night, there he was, making a solid contribution in the Warriors’ super-gritty 111-107 win over the Pacers in Indianapolis.

With 2:25 left in the fourth quarter and the Warriors clinging to a five-point lead, the Pacers sent the house at Stephen Curry, who had the ball above the top of the arc. I’m not sure, but I think I saw the Pacers’ floor-cleaner kid come out and wave his mop in Curry’s face.

Oubre, on the left wing, slashed into the key just below the free-throw line, Curry found him and Oubre hit a fallaway jumper over 6-foot-11 Myles Turner. That was the door-slammer.

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Oubre’s numerical contributions on the night: 17 points, five rebounds and a team-high plus-10 (tied with Kent Bazemore).

That’s five games in a row that Oubre has…

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